Now that we have told you all about what float therapy is and how you can prepare for your float session with us, we want to help you understand all of the benefits of float therapy. There are countless reasons why you should regularly schedule float sessions so we want to explain how floating can help you in a variety of ways. In fact, floating is so beneficial for some of our clients that visiting our spa falls under their insurance plans. In order to make Float Hydrotherapy an insurable health benefit, please request a prescription from your family doctor.

The benefits of floating can differ from client-to-client or even session-to-session depending on the circumstances and mindset of each individual entering our cinematic float suites. We even have some more experienced clients tell us that each time they visit us for a float is unique and offers a new experience. Here is a list of some of the most common benefits our clients tell us about.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This is perhaps the most frequent benefit we talk to our clients about! Especially now during COVID-19 and back to school time, we know just how important stress and anxiety relief is for everyone. Since floating provides a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace, our clients often schedule regular float sessions as an antidote to stress. Our float suites are designed to eliminate as much external input as possible to allow you to escape the stressors of everyday life. Floating suppresses our nervous system which is responsible for our fight or flight response. Instead, your nervous system can focus on relaxation, healing, and replenishment to help your body and mind relieve the burden of stress. Some of our clients liken floating to a type of meditation because they are fully able to let go and just focus on being present in the pool. Having a pause from technology is also a great way to let your nervous system have a break and enjoy some isolated peace.

Alleviate Physical Pain

We know a lot of you are probably suffering from more muscle tension and stiffness than usual as you adjust to working from home and the new normal. In fact, many people experience pain relief after a float that they didn’t even realize they had. Floating is a natural pain killer because it evokes a relaxation response that is known to improve recovery and ease tense muscles. That fight or flight we mentioned is actually a primary trigger for pain because of the hormones and inflammation surges involved. Suppressing this trigger is a great step towards reducing your physical pain and moving you closer to recovery. The high density of Epsom Salt solution in our pools means the forces of gravity are dispersed across your body and help you feel practically weightless which can provide relief to your muscles. Floating allows your body to be free from the daily pull of gravity that can cause lower back pain, neck pain, and other muscle tension.

Sleep Better

It is so important to get quality sleep on a regular basis to make sure that your brain can function at its best. Floating can help restore and refresh your senses to leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. Since floating can alleviate your physical pain, we can help you sleep better by removing this interference from your sleep schedule. The changes in your physical and mental state can provide you with a healthier perspective to help your body and mind rest much easier at night. If you are a busy parent who does not get a lot of sleep, a student constantly pulling all-nighters, someone who suffers from insomnia, or just feel like you’re never fully rested, floating is your solution. After your float session, you are more likely to sleep longer, easier, and deeper than the night before.

Improve Athletic Performance

Athletes often favour our float pools because they have such high levels of magnesium that can be absorbed into the skin to improve bone growth and athletic performance. Magnesium will help facilitate the flushing of lactic acid from tired muscles so that they can recover faster from an intense workout or training session. Floating can be an effective tool in helping your body heal and recover after exercise by reducing perceptions of pain so you experience less pain. This will have a cascading impact on the other factors involved in athletic performance because faster recovery and less pain means a better rest, higher endurance, and more strength. Now that gyms are reopened, schedule your next float sessions with us right after your regular workout time to experience these benefits for yourself!

Restore Skin and Hair

The magnesium in our Epsom salt pools will also do wonders for your skin and hair because it is a natural exfoliator. It is very common for people to have a magnesium deficiency since it can be hard to absorb enough from our diets. Floating with higher levels of magnesium will mean it can be absorbed into your skin and make up for any deficiencies. This will help remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores to leave your skin clearer and glowing. The natural exfoliating effects of magnesium can also help reduce blackheads and clear any breakouts. Floating may also help restore dull, frizzy, and damaged hair by stripping product buildup and restoring natural shine.

We hope this helps answers some of your questions about the benefits of float therapy and why you should give floating a try! Remember that you can always contact our team with any additional questions or concerns about our services and spa are always happy to help. Make sure you check out our Vichy shower treatments and massage therapy to experience even more relaxing benefits. These services, along with our float pools, are designed to complement each other and provide an even more enhanced relaxation retreat. We also have gift cards and exciting specials available for your next visit. We hope to see you soon happy floating!

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