If you are new to floating, you may be a little unsure about what to expect going into your first float with us. While most people are often excited about their first float therapy session, we also know that not knowing how to prepare can make you anxious. We thought it would be helpful to create a guide to our float sessions so that you get the most of your visit with us. In today’s blog, we want to provide more detail about what to expect from your float sessions to ease any worry you may have regarding your first float.

When Not to Float

First things first: we want to make sure it is completely safe for you to float with us. There are a couple of floating contraindications that would mean floating is not the best fit for you. If you experience any of the following things, you should try our Vichy Shower treatments or massage therapy sessions instead! Floating is not for you if you are taking powerful sedatives, experience seizures or incontinence, or have a perforated eardrum or inner ear disorder. Some more contraindications that would mean you should book your float at a later date include having any large sores or wounds (all small cuts can be covered with petroleum jelly); being shaved, tanned, or waxed within the last 6 hours; having tattoo work done within the past 4-6 weeks; doing any hair colouring recently (we need to ensure your hair dye is completely set so the water and pools are not stained); and if you are intoxicated. You are more than welcome to come float with us if you are pregnant, but we ask that you consult your doctor beforehand just to be extra safe. If you have limited mobility and do not feel physically confident entering or exiting our float pools, please bring your personal service assistant with you to your session. We want to give you these precautions to ensure that everyone floating with us is safe and comfortable doing so. Send us a message or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about how to have the safest and most relaxing first experience with float therapy!

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Before Your Float

There are a couple of things we want you to know and prepare before you come to visit us, to make sure you get the most out of your float session. When you arrive at Azure you will be greeted and signed in as you fill out a waiver that outlines contraindications and expectations don’t worry, we will run through all the information you need upon your arrival. Remember not to shave or wax the day of your session because the high salt content will irritate your skin. We will provide petroleum jelly for you to place on any small cuts or grazes to make sure the salt also does not sting and interrupt your relaxing float. We also advise you to avoid drinking caffeinated or super sugary drinks right before your float so that you can feel the full relaxing impacts of float therapy. While you should try to steer clear of eating large meals before your float, a snack or small meal at least an hour before your float will mean less stomach growling to disrupt your peace and quiet.

It is always a good idea to give yourself a sufficient amount of transition time before your float. Coming straight from a long day at work, dropping off the kids, or rushing through traffic will only leave you frazzled and stressed. Give yourself plenty of time to make your session; we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your timeslot so that we can run through everything with you and get you settled. Check that you have everything you need with you before you make your way to our facility. We ask that you bring your own hairbrush and place your contact lenses in your container prior to your float. We provide everything else you should need including towels, shower products, earplugs, Q-tips, bathrobes, spa slippers, and disposable briefs. While you are welcome to wear your bathing suit during your float session, doing so is not require and even encouraged because your suit may cling to your skin and distract from the weightless experience of float therapy. Remember to use the washroom just prior to your float with us to guarantee that you won’t have to get out and interrupt your session.


During Your Float

After your initial float suite introduction, we will show you to our locker rooms. All personal belongings will be safely stored here, and this is also where you will get changed for your float. Once robed, we will invite you into the float room where we ask that you take a thorough shower using the provided soap and shampoo. We ask this so that all of your cosmetics, creams, and hair conditioners are completely removed from your body before you enter the pool. This just ensures that all excess oils are removed from your skin so you can start your relaxation journey completely clean. It’s best to slowly enter the float pool from a sitting position and slide one leg into the pool at a time. Do not stand on the edge and jump into the pool. We will show you how to properly insert your earplugs and neck support so that you are fully comfortable during your session. Your preselected music and videos will start to play on your screen so all that’s left is to relax and enjoy your float!

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After Your Float

As the end of your float session approaches, the lights will slowly brighten while your music fades away. We encourage you to remove all the salt off your body with another quick shower. After you are all fresh and clean, we will show you our tranquillity tearoom where you can enjoy some sweets and drinks. Then all that remains is to book your next float!

We hope this helps answers some of your questions about how to prepare and make the most of your first float session with us! Remember that you can always contact our team with any additional questions or concerns about our services and spa are always happy to help. Make sure you check out our Vichy shower treatments and massage therapy to experience even more relaxing benefits. These services, along with our float pools, are designed to complement each other and provide an even more enhanced relaxation retreat. We also have gift cards and exciting specials available for your next visit. We hope to see you soon happy floating!

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