When you enter one of our large float suites, you will literally float, totally weightless and cocooned  in a solution of 
warm Epsom salt. You will immediately feel stress melt away. In just 15 minutes, you will start to experience the mental and physical benefits of Epsom salt treatments. Our Vichy showers compliment the Epsom salt float experience found nowhere else in Canada. You can get our Gift Cards and also check our Specials page to avail discounts on our services. You can find us in Kitchener, Ontario just off Highway 401 at exit 25, sixty minutes from Toronto and forty five minutes from London.  We are conveniently located just minutes from Guelph, Waterloo, and Cambridge, Ontario.

Come and relax in one of three float suites each equipped with a 7’×7′ float pool, filled with 1,500 pounds of medical grade USP Epsom salt. The size of the pools allows two people to float at a time, so you can share the Azure experience of floating in near weightlessness. Each float suite is equipped with high definition video projectors that bring the sights and sounds of nature to you as you experience the benefits of float therapy.

Our unique Vichy Shower (also known as a “human carwash”) is a horizontal shower with seven powerful jets, cascading 50 litres per minute of warm water over your entire body!  We tailor each shower to your individual wants by adjusting the water temperature to your comfort level and we dimming the lighting to your liking. This is the treatment for you if you want a gentle and refreshing body massage that will help you slip into a deep state of relaxation. 

Let go of your daily stress and regain the beauty of life. No matter when you need to unwind, our services are proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, frustration, and tension. We are here for you and can adjust our services to focus on the areas of your body where you hold the most stress . Enjoy the beauty of a balanced and beautiful life. Treat yourself to a massage from one of our experiences aestheticians to relieve the weight of day-to-day life.

Please enjoy our skincare services, waxing and threading services as well as eyelash extension services by our certified estheticians.

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  • Bathrobes
  • Slippers
  • Shampoo, body wash and conditioner
  • Earplugs


  • Refreshments in the waiting area
  • Toiletries and body products
  • Secure lockers
  • Comfortable chaise lounges
  • Showers in each Float Suite
  • Private change rooms
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We know how important health and cleanliness are to our clients. Our premium, state of the art Float Suites are constructed for ease of sanitation and hygiene. Each float pool is filtered continually between floats and is processed through 1 micron filters. Overnight, all pool filtration systems are operating at full capacity to keep the Epsom solution in pristine condition. Our pools are heated to 93.5-96 F which is an inhospitable environment to pathogens. High water alkalinity provides complementary protection against viruses and bacteria. We check the water chemistry between each client and we use high power UV lights generating ozone to kill air born pathogens. All public surfaces are sanitized with disinfectants after each use. Being monitored by Region of Waterloo Public Health, our operations are of a higher standard than other businesses. 

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Our Float Suites and Vichy Shower treatment rooms are separate from the check-in and waiting areas. All rooms are completely private and each float suite has its own shower that you can use before and after your session. Bathrobes, slippers and fresh towels are provided within each room. The entire room and Float Suite is yours to enjoy during your entire session. For safety reasons, each float suite is equipped with an assistance call button at pool level that you can push for immediate assistance from our technician. We like to tailor each session to our individual clients so you can customize your experience by selecting your choice of sound as well as video to play on the Cinema Wall.