Our safety and cleanliness standards are greater than other businesses.
A few factors that make our business safer and resistant to transmission of viruses and pathogens.

  1. High salt solution temperature at 93.5 to 96.5 fahrenheit.
  2. Bromine level in our pools is nearly 100 % effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria.
  3. Our solution alkalinity and pH levels are higher, making it inhospitable to most pathogens.
  4. Continuous 24 hour solution filtration while clients are not floating.
  5. UV lights in float suites, change rooms and hallways are nearly 100% effective in eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses.
  6. Diffusers used contain special anti bacterial blends that help minimize symptoms of flu, cold and allergies.
  7. Our services strive for better personal health and relaxation
  8. We have exclusive Scandinavian Treatments that use oak and birch whisks from ecologically pure regions of Northern Europe that have tremendous effect in fighting against infections. This special treatment promotes lung ventilation by widening bronchial tubes, beneficial for asthma sufferers and other chronic pulmonary disorders.