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Vichy Scrubs

The Iconic Float & Vichy Combo

This wonderful hour and a half treatment will be a spa experience like no other. Come in and rest completely as you float for one hour. Afterward, bask in the warm rains of the Vichy shower.
Ask your Aesthetician for a recommendation of fragrant oil applications as they gently scrub and exfoliate your entire body with Hawaiian Holiday, Tahiti Bliss, Riesling Pear, Champagne Mimosa, Strawberry Rose aromatherapy essential oils or choose masculine aromas of Cuban Rum & Cigar or Oktoberfest Bier Scrub.

SINGLE  / $179

COUPLE / $265

Vichy Scrub

The Azure Aqua Spa 30 minute Vichy Scrub is a soothing and exhilarating treatment that will leave you refreshed and invigorated. As powerful for your skin as it is for your mind, a Vichy Scrub will leave you coming back for more. First, you’ll start with an invigorating sea salt scrub. Sea salt is known for its relaxation minerals. It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants. A sea salt scrub can aid in proper circulation that pulls the toxins out of your skin. Your skin will be exfoliated and your dead skin removed, leaving your skin looking healthy, rejuvenated, and glowing.

This specialty body treatment is a popular choice for all types of clients. Whether you need to revitalize your skin, or you would just like to enjoy the soothing effects of the Vichy shower, this is a perfect option.

Discuss with your Esthetician your choices of Vichy Scrub essential oils and perfumes prior to your treatment and let our Estheticians do the rest.

SINGLE  / $104

COUPLE / $157.50

Recommended after float or as a stand-alone treatment
We only use high-quality products
Our scrubs are dead sea salt based

*Gratuities not included / Performed by medical aestheticians / Insurance is not accepted

Taxes apply / Credit expires one year after purchase / For relaxation purposes only

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