Float therapy is all about relaxing your mind, body, and soul. Our cinematic float suites are designed to make you feel totally weightless and melt your stress away. If you are a first-time floater, this all might sound a little odd to you but we are here to explain and help open your mind to the benefits of float therapy. Since we often get asked some recurring questions about our services, we thought it would be helpful to outline what exactly float therapy is and why you should come give it a try! Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions and never hesitate to give us a call or send us a message with any additional questions.

Float Therapy 101

We know that sometimes the self-help industry can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to get into, so we are here to help explain float therapy in the simplest and best way possible. In the modern age, we are always bombarded with expectations, deadlines, pressure, and stress as we constantly seek out more happiness, relaxation, and peace of mind. Float therapy centres on creating an environment specifically made to reduce the weight of gravity so that your mind and body can enter a deep state of relaxation. Once in this state, you can experience intense, physiological relaxation and meditation.

We understand how powerful it is to have a space designed specifically to help you unplug, unwind, clear your mind, and gain some perspective on what you value in life. We view our services as a tool you can use to help centre yourself and relax from the stress of everyday life. Our float suites are essentially the perfect pool for stress relief and intense relaxation. Don’t worry if you are claustrophobic either, our float suites are unlike float tanks in that ours are completely open float concept! Check out our preparation checklist, arrival instructions, and list of important contradictions so you can better familiarize yourself with our process before visiting us.



How Does Float Therapy Work?

Our bodies contain close to 100 billion neurons that help us monitor important bodily functions. Things like heart rate, blood pressure, hormone regulation, and even breathing are made possible because of these neurons. Our bodies are always focusing attention and effort into a whole variety of tasks throughout the day, including the fight against gravity! Many people do not realize how much sensory attention our body must contribute throughout the day (and night) to simply keep us in the proper posture against gravity. Float therapy is all about relieving this task from our bodies so it can focus on other things and take a well-deserved break. Our float suites are designed to dramatically reduce any internal and external stimulus so that your body and mind can enter a state of complete relaxation. Without any external distractions or internal pressure, our float suites are the perfect spots to put your body on rest mode. Here are some of the ways we accomplish this environment:

Reduced Gravity

The Epsom salt we mixed into our pools will help your muscles and joints completely relax and take a break from the pulls of gravity. The shallow pools are filled with 1,500 pounds of medical-grade USP Epsom salt to create proper buoyancy. Essentially, this high percentage of salt removes the effects of gravity on your body and allows you to float effortlessly. This will reduce the need for sensory attention and will make you feel almost completely weightless.

Without the pull of gravity, your muscles and joints will be able to fully relax and take a break. Since your mind will no longer have to focus on fighting gravity, your body will have a lot of extra resources and brainpower at its disposal that can be used to look inward and reflect. Your brain and body can finally rest, relax and rejuvenate as you give them time to heal.

Skin Temperature

Our pools are kept between 93.5 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit to mimic normal body temperature. Each float room is custom built with state-of-the-art filtration and heating systems to ensure your safety and comfort. We can always adjust this temperature for you just ask us before or during your visit! This water temperature helps your muscles relax and joints decompress naturally.

We also keep our float suites at this temperature so that your brain will no longer need to work as hard to regulate healthy skin temperature. Again, taking some of the weight of body temperature regulation away from your brain means it can focus its energy elsewhere and take some time to heal. Once you are settled into your pool, it is almost impossible to detect which parts of your body are in or out of the water. To encourage the feeling of weightlessness, this temperature helps you feel completely connected to the water so that it is difficult to differentiate where the water begins and your body starts.

Sensory Relaxation

Each of our cinematic float suites is equipped with high definition video projectors that will illuminate the wall before you and transport you to some of the worlds most beautiful natural sites. You can choose to float in silence or listen to the sounds of nature around you whatever helps you slip into relaxation mode. We have a large library of videos and sounds for you to choose from before and during your float so that each visit is tailored to your unique needs.

We chose these videos and sounds specifically so that your brain experiences a lower neural impact throughout your float. Your brain spends an enormous amount of time processing so that you can hear and see. We reduce this processing effort to a minimum so that your mind can fully unwind and rest. The intense relaxation you feel is similar to that present during hypnosis and REM sleep so there is nothing left for your body or brain to do but fully relax in your dream-like state.

We also know how jarring it can be to come back out of your float tranquillity, so our team makes sure to welcome you back slowly and carefully. We always have complimentary herbal tea and sweet treats waiting for you in our tranquil tearoom after your float!


We hope this helps answers some of your questions about what float therapy is and how it works! Remember that you can always contact our team with any additional questions or concerns about our services and spa we are always happy to help. Make sure you check out our Vichy shower treatments and massage therapy to experience even more relaxing benefits. We also have gift cards and exciting  specials available for your next visit. We hope to see you soon happy floating!