At Azure Aqua Spa, we’re committed to providing incomparable relaxation and revitalization through our services.


Come and relax in one of three Float Suites each equipped with a 7’×7′ float pool, filled with 1,500 pounds of medical grade USP Epsom salt. The size of the pools allows  two people to float at a time, so you can share the Azure experience of floating in near weightlessness.

Each Float Suite is equipped with high definition video projectors, which illuminate the wall before you, While your body recuperates, you can float in complete silence or be transported to the most beautiful of natural sites both on earth or the galaxy. With a library of videos to choose from, your mind will be entranced by the astounding sites our world has to offer.

Floating is a relaxing practice that creates a feeling of weightlessness. In solution, Epsom salt breaks down into magnesium and sulfate. This solution of 93.5 to 96 degree Fahrenheit magnesium sulfate (or Epsom Salt solution) helps your joints to decompress, and all of your muscles relax. Then your brain shifts into a state of intense relaxation, which is present during hypnosis and REM sleep. Floating helps athletes recovery, enhances creativity and cognitive functions. Floating also gives you an opportunity to process everything in your life, without distraction.
At Azure Aqua Spa, we offer Vichy shower treatment, cinema float suites, massage therapy, skin care. Best spa treatments in Kitchener waterloo region.


Our unique Vichy Shower is a horizontal shower with seven powerful jets, cascading 50 litres per minute of warm water over your entire body! Vichy shower is a form of hydrotherapy which incorporates the use of water. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth and soft, while adding minerals and nutrients to the skin, creating profound relaxation for the entire body. Also enjoy a hot Stone Massage which is included with most Vichy Treatments.


Let go of your daily stress and regain the beauty of life. No matter when you need to unwind, our services are proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and frustration. We are here for you. Enjoy the beauty of a balanced life. Get a massage from one of our estheticians. 


Please enjoy our skincare services, waxing and threading services as well as eyelash extension services by our certified estheticians.