Azure Aqua Spa


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please email our team at

Are gratuities included in pricing?

No, please feel free to show your appreciation by leaving gratuity with front desk or your technician.

How would I know my float is over?

Lights will be raised and circulation pumps will begin to operate.

What should I wear during my float?

We ask that you use disposable briefs as personal bathing suits may affect water quality.

Is my float private?

Yes. Each float suite is completely private and has its own shower that you can use before and after your relaxing and rejuvenating session. 

Can I float with an ear infection?

We provide  earplugs to prevent water from getting into your ears. As a precaution, people with inner ear disorders and perforated eardrums should not float.

Can I float while pregnant?

Yes, flotation therapy allows your body to escape the added weight during pregnancy and take the extra pressure off your spine. It also promotes better sleep and a lovely sense of well being. At the same time, please consult your physician for his opinion.

Can I have Vichy Treatments while pregnant?

No. Contrary to float therapy, Vichy treatments are not considered safe during pregnancy. Warm to hot water along with water pressure and any type of exfoliation and wrap are not safe for the baby.

How do you maintain cleanliness?

Our premium, state of the art float pools are constructed for ease of sanitation and hygiene. The float suite pool is filtered continually between floats and is processed through 1 micron filters. Overnight all pool filtration systems are operating at full capacity to keep the Epsom solution in pristine condition. Our pools are heated to 93.5-96 F which is an inhospitable environment to pathogens. High water alkalinity provides complementary protection against viruses and bacteria. We check water chemistry between each client. High power UV lights generating ozone are also employed to kill air born pathogens. All public surfaces are sanitized after each use with disinfectants. Being monitored by Region of Waterloo Public Health, our operational standards are of a higher standard than other businesses.

What if I need assistance while floating?

Not an issue, each room is equipped with an assistance call button at the pool level. Our technician will assist you immediately.

Can I float with a friend?

Yes! Our large float pools allow you to float with a friend, spouse or family member. Floating is always more fun with a friend.

What if I have a large cut or open wounds?

Unfortunately, due to health requirements, please reschedule your float to a later date when your wound is fully healed.

What is the water temperature of the pool?

Our pools are maintained between 93.5 – 96 degrees Fahrenheit (34.5 C – 35.5 C) for your comfort.

What is the age requirement to use the float pools?

Minimum age to float is 11 years old and the child must be attended by a parent or guardian.

A child 14 years and older may float with written parental consent.

What do I need to bring?

Only your hairbrush and container for lenses if applicable to you. We provide you with everything else you may need – disposable slippers, briefs, shampoo, soap, robes, Q tips, and hairdryers.

Do you accept guests with limited mobility?

Yes, only with your personal assistants.