The great thing about floatation is that it can benefit everyone, not just a select few.

We all live in a fast-paced world where the demands on our minds and bodies are greater than ever. Between work, the kids, the internet, social media, text messages, emails, socialising, the gym, that game of 5-a-side (ok, maybe that’s not everyone), there is very little to no time to relax and take stock.

In some cases this can lead to more serious conditions so we need to be sure that we are not only caring for how we look on the outside but also how we are coping and feeling on the inside.

Hover over the below list to find out about just a few of the great benefits of floatation to different people:


Reduces Cortisol Levels relieving stress

Enhances Creativity and Problem Solving

Relieves "Computer Neck" Pain

Academics / Students

Improves concentration

Enhances ability to think creatively

Ahem… Flushes out toxins! (That one’s just for the students… I think!)

Creative Types

Improves clarity of thought and concentration

Encourages more creative thought patterns

Synchronises left and right brain

Sportsmen & Women

Reduces rehabilitation and recovery time significantly

Improves performance and enables concentrated visualisation

Reduces lactic acid build up and improves circulation

Chronic Pain Sufferers

Soothes muscles and joints

Aids post-operative recovery

Lowers blood pressure reducing pain impact of hypertension

Those feeling stressed or burned out

Reduces the level of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol

Increases levels of the “life-force” hormone, prolactil, and feel-good endorphins

Changes your physical and emotional response to stress

Pregnant Women

Enables much needed relaxation

Provides physical relief through zero-gravity environment

Reduces feelings of stress

Those suffering from poor sleep patterns

One hour in the tank is the equivalent of 4 hours sleep

Regulates sleep patterns by resetting your body clock

Eliminates impact of Jet Lag

Those simply wishing to explore

Allows you to easily reach theta meditative state

Provides freedom for contemplative thought

Provides opportunity for fresh perspectives
Scientific research has also shown that floatation has helped those trying to overcome addiction or to lose weight and has a positive effect on how you look since less stress means fewer wrinkles! Here are a just a few notable floaters:
  • Wayne Rooney – England and Manchester United Footballer
  • Daniel Craig – 007 himself!
  • Richard Feynman – Nobel Prize Winning Physicist
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man!
  • Michael Flatley – Lord of the Dance
  • Joe Rogan – Stand-Up Comedian and MMA practitioner
  • Michael Crichton – Author
  • Stuart Broad – England Cricketer
  • US, Australian and Chilean Olympic Teams – Enough said
Good company I’m sure you’ll agree! See the benefits page for more specific information on what floatation can do for you or, if your interest is already piqued, why not find out more about what to expect when you come to Float Level.